Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nashville, Here I Come!

As I sit in my room, looking into my nearly-filled suitcase, a flood of happiness runs through me. I can’t believe I will be out of California in just a few days! I haven’t been out of state in a while and I don’t remember the last time I actually did. To add to that, I have never been away from my family for more than five days, and although that was back in 6th grade, I am pretty wimpy for feeling a slight pang of homesickness by the fifth day. Even if I do feel homesick, I’m sure I’ll have too much fun in Nashville to even notice it.

Anyway, the time has come! The time has come to explore, to discover, and to learn. The past couple of months have prepared me for this moment and I know that I am ready for it. I can also tell that the other teens attending Vanderbilt this summer are ready as well, since many of them post non-stop about their excitement on the VSA Facebook page. They are such an enthusiastic group of people and I am thrilled to meet them very soon.

In preparations for my trip, I have been running to several stores, doing AP summer assignments, and packing; or at least planning what I want to pack. Since the temperatures on the east coast have reached records over 100 degrees with humidity, I need to have plenty of clothes handy since sweat will probably be a constant companion of mine. Luckily, Vanderbilt dorms have AC (THANK GOD), so it shouldn’t be too bad – while I’m inside. Either way, I don’t think anything can prepare me for the excruciating weather ahead.

Nonetheless, I am thrilled to partake in all the activities we will be doing before we go to Vanderbilt; from our dinner with Duke Alumni to the tour in Georgetown to our amazing 4th of July, roaming around Washington D.C., I can honestly say this summer is going to be one astounding journey.

So all I have left to say is: Nashville, here I come!