Saturday, March 31, 2012

Heading to Nashville!

Nashville is a city of rich history and culture. I am excited to investigate the area's traditions in literature and academics, as well as theater and music. Some speak disparagingly of this city and the South in general. However, I look forward to breaking down these generalizations and appreciating all that the city and Vanderbilt University has to offer.

Today's meeting was productive, and I enjoyed meeting Hannah, Chris, and their respective mothers. I look forward to meeting the other students in the cohort very soon. It seems that Don and the crew have left no stone unturned in their preparation for this program. It is a relief to see this trip organized with the highest of standards and expectations.

By the way, cohorts. You can go here to get an idea about the weather we'll be dealing with in July.

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  1. The purpose of these early blogs was mostly just to familiarize our ILCers and chaperones with how to use this blog site. You've all surpassed our expectations, though, by writing blogs that not only show that you are mastering the tools of this site but that you're thinking about what's going on around you.

    We're going to have a fun time over the next several months.