Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bags Are Packed, I'm Ready To Go!

The time has finally come! This past week, I have been running from store to store picking up things I need for this long awaited trip, but just one more night in my own bed here in California, then I'm off to spend the next four weeks on the other side of the country. I must tell you packing was kind of stressful, making sure everything fit properly and didn't pass the weight limit. I'm scared that by the end of the trip I won't be able to fit everything back in, but I'll worry about that later. On a brighter note, I am full of excitement and anticipation, and I am eager to explore new places and opportunities!

As I've made the most of the past few weeks, enjoying my summer with my friends and family here, they always asked me, "When are you leaving for college?" While I explain to them that it is a summer program through the Ivy League Connection, and I'm not gone for too long, they still say, "I'll miss you." I will surely miss them too, and I hope that I come back eager to share my unforgettable experiences with them.

My time spent on the East Coast will be the longest I will be away from my family. On the other hand, I hope to grow as an individual, as I live life as a college student. Learning to become independent is an important aspect of growing up, and the ILC is preparing me as I get a taste of college life. I hope to make lifelong connections with fellow peers and also college admission officers that will be an advantage as I fulfill my dreams and aspirations. I hope to grow a deeper understanding of the three most practiced faiths, as I study Lived Religions: The Abrahamic Faiths at Vanderbilt University.

With many hopes at hand, I'm excited to represent the WCCUSD and my school, as an Ivy League Connection ambassador. I'm not really looking forward to the super hot weather, but I know my experiences will totally beat the heat! From fancy dinners, college tours, and even our 4th of July spent in Washington, D.C., I am looking forward to a summer full of new discoveries, new friends, and a renewed mindset of the world around me!

Up next, I'll give you my greetings from Duke University in North Carolina!

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  1. Oh yeah, Hannah, you got it right. You posted a photo with your Pre-Departure blog. A great way to start this trip.