Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Change For The Better

I have always loved reading mysteries; the way they entice the imagination is simply thrilling,  and they give me an indescribable rush. I revere writers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for their intellect and skill because writing a mystery story is not a simple task. I learned that today in class when we were assigned to create our own mystery from a set of clues our teacher gave us. I sat in my desk in utter despair staring at the clues, trying to force my illogical mind to put all the pieces together in a way that is difficult to figure out, but makes sense once the secret behind it has been revealed. Creating a complicated character like Sherlock Holmes, who perceives the world in such a unique way and is able to deduce cases with such precision requires one with a very organized mind, which is something I lack. However, I am slowly ( but surely) starting to understand the elements of a good mystery by reading several stories and studying the genre in more depth. I believe that I will be able to create my own thrilling mystery by the end of my time here at VSA. 

My classes here have already began to change me in such an immense way. I feel as though my writing is gradually improving with all the practice and reading I have been doing. These daily blogs, coupled with my daily writing assignments in class are aiding me in my quest to polish my writing skills. Words are starting to flow in a much more organized matter than before, so I know my class is helping to organize my mind. 

I have also become much braver, thanks to the Vanderbilt Summer Academy. Today I did something I have never done before: sing in front of people. I am a very shy girl, which is strange because I am on my school's Speech and Debate team. However, public speaking is completely different from singing in front of perfect strangers. Yesterday, I couldn't even speak to the people in my group. I was so nervous about singing in front of everyone that I even asked my proctor if I could switch classes. When she informed that I could not, I grew despondent and locked myself in my dorm room pondering how I could get out of this situation. I texted a cousin back home (whom I am very close with) and she told me to "just suck it up and do it!" I told her that was easier said than done, so she sent me an inspirational video to encourage me to face my fear. Well, I did it. I sang in front of the whole class today, and no one booed or muttered negative comments under their breaths, so I guess I wasn't as horrible as  I thought I would be. 

I am also meeting new people everyday here at Vanderbilt. In fact, I met some new people today. We met at lunch and we instantly clicked. We got along so well that we decided to spend the free time together. We explored the campus and went to Ben and Jerry's for some delicious treats after. Then we came back to the dorms and just hung out. 

I am starting to feel like an actual college student now. Being in such a academic environment is encouraging me to expand my knowledge and skills in any way possible. I am trying new things and facing my insecurities. Vanderbilt is allowing me to become a stronger and better person. 

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