Monday, July 16, 2012

Fast and Blurry Day

Class today was such a blur for me. It felt so slow when I was in it, but now that I'm out of class, I feel like it was so fast. Perhaps I'm feeling like this because I woke up at 6:20 AM to play basketball at the recreation center with some of "the guys".

Anyway, today's class was mostly more information and lectures about the three religions' (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism) scriptures. I found it interesting how the bible has so many more books that weren't included in it. What if there was crucial information about Christianity that wasn't put in the book, because a few "leaders" more than a thousand years ago said not to put those books in it? I was also puzzled to find out that the Old Testament books in Christianity differ in the order of the books compared to the Jewish Old Testament book order. Scholars say Christians changed the order of the books to better suit the story of the coming of Jesus Christ--that the Old Law wasn't working and that a New Covenant was coming. I feel as if by the end of this class, my whole perspective on religion will change, which I feel like a little bit of it has already. Well, I guess that's why I chose this class, right? I needed, and still need, a better understanding of religion-- not only to understand and discover myself, but to understand others.

A funny but embarrassing moment in class today was when I was the last one to come into the room after our ten minute break. As I returned into the room, all the lights were off, and I didn't see any of the eleven other students, my T.A., nor my teacher there. Befuddled by why this was happening and wondering if I entered the wrong classroom, I said, "What?" Suddenly, everybody revealed themselves behind the door and to the right where I couldn't see any of them. I can't lie; they got me.

My new Arete class is Stage Combat! I know it's going to be a great week, because of this class. I always wanted to fake-punch people, and I'm definitely going to do that plenty of times when I'm back home with my friends.

To be honest, I feel like barely anything has happened today. All I did was tie-dye a white t-shirt and take a trip to CVS. I guess because of this Ivy League Connection trip, taking "breaks" and "relaxing" a little bit makes me feel as if I wasted my day. After all, I only have less than two weeks until I'm back home! I need to make everyday count. I just wish the students here had more freedom to go wherever we want like the other programs, such as UPenn or Brown. Still, it's nice to be in an organized program and have the opportunity to do so many activities with so many different people.

Well, I'll end this second Monday with a picture of the night sky ready to take over. Good night.

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