Tuesday, July 24, 2012

As The Waves Make Towards The Pebbled Shore, So Do Our Days

Another special day has gone by here in VSA. From the great progress of my project, to the surprise birthday for a sweet friend, I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Well, maybe I could have, but nothing’s perfect right?

Anyway, my day started off like usual; with a light breakfast of cereal and a fruit. After I finished breakfast, I went off to class to continue working on the big grant project due on Thursday. We worked pretty hard for the next two hours and I am really proud to say that we are pretty much finished! Everything has gone well and our group has worked hard. Dr. Sulikowski also checked my study design and was impressed with my outline; however there was a minor thing she wanted me to add which was simple, and didn’t take too much time.

One of the games
Once our time in the computer lab came to an end, we all came back to the classroom to play a few of fun, silly games before our lunch at the Pancake Pantry. We played games like Stacking Cups as well as a tossing ball game which Hannah and I both won. Although this class works hard, I love that we also have time to relax and just have fun for a little while.

By lunch time, our stomachs were empty and hungry for pancakes, so we head over there. I’ve been to Pancake Pantry once before with my whole Vandy cohort, but this time, I would be eating there with my whole Pharmacology class. As usual, the line to the restaurant was long so we had to wait a few minutes before they could seat all 17 of us. Once we were seated, I searched through the menu to see what appealed to my tastes. I’ve had the Swiss Chocolate Chip pancakes before so this time I wanted to change it up. After a couple minutes of indecisiveness, I eventually decided on the Apricot-Lemon pancakes – which were heavenly. I admit, it was really sweet, but it still tasted delicious. Pancake Pantry seems like the perfect brunch place with friends and family. I am really glad I go to spend quality time with my class here.

Back at the classroom, we had a short lecture about Hallucinogens, and the craziness it causes. These types of drugs work by disrupting the serotonin in your brain and will cause distortion of reality and make you see things that don’t exist. This obviously sounds like a pretty powerful drug since it also lasts for up to 12 hours. How crazy is that? I didn’t know a person can experience that kind of distortion for so long; no wonder it causes damage to your brain and body.
After class, a short free time and dinner sped by pretty quickly since I spent that time reading a book. However, after dinner, my friends and I decided to go out for S.O.F.T. and hang around the areas near the end of our boundaries. During my time there, my friend Anna wrote a letter to Taylor Swift who is rumored (by her professor) to be staying at a certain hotel. We all walked all the way over to the hotel (in our boundaries) to deliver the special letter to the country star. Once we arrived, all of my friends besides Anna got nervous or something and decided not to go inside. I, on the other hand, wanted to see for myself if the hotel people would deliver the letter to her. Surprisingly, it was not hotel clerks, but security guards at the front desk. We talked to them about the letter, but they refused to deliver it to Taylor. Pretty much heartbroken, we head back to our dorms; it really is too bad they didn't accept the letter. Nevertheless, I still had fun with my friends!

Amber and Tessa!
Happy Birthday Girl!
At the dorms, my proctor group and I planned this little surprise birthday party for our group member Amber, who turned 16 today. We spent all day decorating a room and even got her a birthday cake from Ben and Jerry’s! After a few minutes of waiting in the dark, our proctor brought her in for the big surprise. Even though she had her suspicions all day, she was still surprised to find out about her party. We hung out there for a few minutes, had cake, and finally went back to our dorms. Boy, what a long day this has been! Even so, time is just rolling along, like waves going over the sand. Sometimes it is at different tempos but the waves still come to the shore, signaling a new day.

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