Sunday, July 29, 2012

Flying Back Home

It was finally time to return home. I woke up in our hotel room knowing today was the last day we’ll be in Nashville, Tennessee. After our bags were packed and ready to go, we partook in our last meal at the Pancake Pantry. The Vanderbilt alumni who recommended this place to us were right about checking it out. It’s definitely a popular eating spot, and at any time of any day there will be a line past the entrance door. I also got the opportunity to eat a watermelon popsicle from Las Paletas, which is a local homemade popsicle company.

We then ventured out to downtown Nashville. Nashville is truly the Music City; you can hear a country music singer at every other restaurant. The city was full of guitar playing, cowboy boot stores, and tourists. It felt like Nashville’s version of San Francisco’s Pier 39. With bustling streets and country music heard around every corner, I definitely enjoyed spending some time at the heart of the Music City.

The "Batman" At&t building
Sooner than later it was time to head to the airport. As we filled the trunk of our rental van with our heavy luggage, it finally hit us: we were leaving the city of Nashville and flying back to our home sweet homes. The sad realization ran through us that our Ivy League Connection journey on the East is over. Although we were feeling sad, we were also looking forward to seeing our families and friends back home.

After stopping at Las Vegas, we arrived safely at the Oakland airport. It was a wonderful, eye-opening experience back on the East, but I am really glad I’m finally home. As soon as I arrived at my house, I noticed the living room rearrangements and then ran straight to my brother’s room. I gave him a big hug, and I was really happy to see him. I will make the most out of the next three weeks I have with him, before he leaves for college in New York. I then entered my room to see a welcome home sign; it feels good to be back in my own room.

After settling in, I enjoyed a nice home cooked meal. Honestly, after three weeks of the same cafeteria food, it isn’t very satisfying. While savoring my mom’s home cooked Filipino food, I shared with my parents just some of the many things I learned at VSA. It’s really hard to talk, when you’re mind is focused on the delicious food.

I am blessed to be back home and see my family again. I am blessed that I was able to explore colleges back East. I am blessed that I was able to get a little taste of college life. I am blessed that I was able to meet new friends that became family. I am blessed that I had the best cohort and chaperone. I am blessed to be a part of the ILC.

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