Friday, July 27, 2012

Our Tearful Goodbyes

My empty dorm now
As I woke at my usual waking hour, I looked over at my roommate who was still asleep (like usual) and began to pack the remainder of my things. It has been a terrific couple of weeks at Vanderbilt and it is my final day here. Now that I am leaving, I realize that I will not be coming back here for a long time. I took one last look at my dorm, felt its emptiness, and left for breakfast.

Although the food at breakfast was the same as always, the vibes at the tables were completely different. People were even leaving right then and there to catch their planes. Even at breakfast, many people were on their way home. At this time I said goodbye to a couple of my friends from Chicago who were crying; it was terribly sad. They were the first of many who would leave before we did.

After breakfast, my friends and I roamed around Hank Ingram House for the last time, saying our farewells, taking pictures, and signing our term-books which are yearbooks for VSA. Roaming around was very fun and a little sad at the same time since I said goodbye to everyone who wasn’t in my proctor group. 

Speaking of my proctor group, I was kind of expecting this part to be the saddest so I saved those emotional for last. I wasn’t expecting to cry or anything, but in the end it was much sadder than I thought it would be – especially our group hugs every time someone would leave. As I watched my proctor sisters leave one by one, from Elizabeth and Ayanna to my roommate and good friends Meera, Anna, and Alexa, I felt a small gap in my heart from their absence. It really saddens me from the fact that I will no longer eat breakfast with them or even pass them on my way to Commons. I have learned so much from them and I love how we were all so different, and yet so similar. All these people were incredible people and my time spent with them has meant so much to me.
Anna and Meera
Our beautiful proctor group
Once I left Hank House our Vanderbilt cohort was finally reunited; it kind of felt like old times when we all went to the Vanderbilt bookstore together, and ate lunch at a delicious Jamaican restaurant. Now that I am sitting here at the Loews Hotel, all I can think about is how much this journey has impacted me to become even more open-minded, confident, and happy. Although I am sad that this boat has nearly docked, I still can’t wait to see my family tomorrow night. Next to God, my family will always be the most important people to me and I am really looking forward to see their faces again. 'Till then, goodnight!

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  1. Yessenia,

    I know how you feel about reuniting with family. Between having to say goodbye to your new friends and the thought of coming home to be with your family, I'm sure it just slipped you mind to write about how anxious you are to be coming back to see my smiling face. :-)