Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Friends And Fieldtrips

We spent the day on a “field trip” going around the research facilities around campus. It was really nice to be out of the classroom for once. We started off going through a microbiology lab where we learned how to stain bacteria to make them more visible. The process was very simple and only required a few steps. We all got to see an E. coli bacteria, strep throat bacteria, and a ton others with very long names.

Lookin' pretty nerdy in our safety glasses.

Once we left the microbiology lab, we went to the chemistry labs with Mr. Matt Windsor as the speaker. He was pretty hilarious, and I really enjoyed our time there. He did this really cool experiment to make silver on the bottom of a flask. The silver was perfectly spread across the bottom that I could see my reflection on it. Afterwards, we went touring through chemical research facility labs to see what a chemist does on a daily basis. I found out that these chemist researchers actually have to work on the same problem/equation for months. I really wonder how they don’t get tired of doing the same thing every day; I think it would drive me nuts.
Inside a lecture classroom.
After our fieldtrip, I head to my Arête class on the first floor. We again went over the lovely Beatles song and we officially made plans for the video we are going to do. I personally don’t like singing alone, and having my face on camera, but it has already been decided that I would probably get both. I guess we will see how that goes later, once we start filming.
Of course, tonight was the night for our proctor night! Overall, it was incredibly fun. We hung out in one of the classrooms and played a “How Well Do You Know Your Roommate” game, which my roommate and I unfortunately lost. Trust me, we DO know each other well, it’s just that the questions were completely random, and it was very difficult to process all the information I knew about her – I swear. Anyway, after the game we all watched Mulan on the huge screen. It was really cool because it was all dark, and we had seats similar to the movie theatre ones, which definitely added to whole the  movie-feel.
Our deliciouse food.

The "movie theatre"

This Proctor Night was so fun and I enjoyed hanging out with these people who I call my friends. They really are the craziest, sweetest, and coolest group of girls I have ever met and I never regret a moment spent with them. Tonight was definitely one of those nights that I will remember for a long time; this is definitely what I call a day well spent.

Left to right: Sara, Hannah, Meera, and Avery

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