Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Girl's Night Out

Girl's Night Our Dinner

I stared at Hannah through the steel netting of my mask, my weapon at the ready. I could barely see her face through her own mask, but from what I did see she seemed apprehensive. Our instructor gave us the signal and we both clumsily shuffled our feet toward one another and swung our sabers at each other carelessly. I heard the loud thud as Hannah's saber struck my helmet. I stood there, bewildered for a moment before retaliating. I moved closer to her and struck her with my own saber. We paused for a moment to stare at the other and then burst out laughing. 

Fencing is probably the best and most exciting Arete class we have at VSA. It was the one Arete class I wanted the most. Last week I was stuck with songwriting, which was not only dull but awkward as well. This week, however, I was lucky enough to get fencing as my Arete class. I was very excited when I discovered that I would spend the next week learning how to fence; what more, I would be learning with a fellow Vandy cohort. I was excited to have a class with Hannah, because that would mean that I would see her more.  

After fencing class, I hurried to my dorm room to change out of my sweaty clothes and into something nicer for dinner. At 5:10 I met the other girls on my floor as well as my proctor and left for dinner at a restaurant which was relatively close to the school--it was close enough to walk to anyway. We ate a delicious dinner and finished with dessert before heading to the movies, where we watched Moonrise Kingdom. It was a very fun girl's night, and I feel like I have become even closer to the girls on my floor; they are like family to me now. 

Just some of the lovely girls I live around. 

(From left to right) My proctor Jazmin, roommate Anna, and friend Katarina.

My girl's night out dinner. 

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