Friday, July 13, 2012

From Pharmaceutical Drugs To Fun Dancing!

This morning my proctor group and I started off the day on a bright note. We woke up a little earlier than usual and headed to breakfast early. In order to rack up some S-House points, we needed to be the first three groups to serenade one of the faculty members of VSA. We were the first to serenade her, singing and dancing to the chorus of Call Me Maybe, even with S-House signs, and a picture of her face. We felt so accomplished and our whole plan was successful. We had a little competition with another proctor group, but once she came out of the breakfast line we started singing. Let’s bring it to the top, S-House!

 It was another rainy day as we headed to class. We started promptly, finishing And The Band Played On. It was a pretty interesting, educational movie, and I learned a lot from it. It shows how society shapes what scientists research. For example, since the unknown disease of AIDS broke out, finding out what it is and how to prevent it, was in demand. I, along with two other students, was assigned to focus on the values that the main characters had. Many were very kind, and eager to find out what the disease was, and others were just self-centered. Up till now, there is still a controversy on who actually discovered the AIDS virus.

Our Pharmacology class didn’t eat lunch at the dining commons, but rather headed to Vanderbilt’s research center, and had a seminar with graduate students. While eating pizza, we listened to a speaker talking about Chemical Patents. Our speaker discussed a lot about law and chemistry mixed together. It didn’t really interest me since it involved a lot of law passing and such. I’m more of a science type of girl.
In the seminar room!

Finishing up my powerpoint!
We then headed to the computer lab to finish creating our Public Service Announcement projects that will be presented tomorrow. I’m not that creative, so I ended up making a power point presentation with a poem included in it. I hope everything goes well tomorrow, and I’m not too nervous!

My roommate and I!
After some free time, I went to my dance class, to go over the two dances before our performance. We decided to dance Bollywood and the Paso Doble, and I had a lot of fun up there on the stage. Although I messed up, it was awesome to learn dances around the world. Every other ArĂȘte class did well, and I’m kind of scared, but at the same time looking forward to fencing next week.
Our proctor group ready for the glow dance!

We all went to dinner, and then got ready for the glow dance. It was actually really fun, and I could tell everyone had a great time. With glow bracelets, necklaces, hats, and even a backlight, everyone looked great glowing. We all threw fist pumps in the air and danced our night away.

After a long day, our proctor group decided to have a little fun before lights out, with a facemask party. I am exhausted from a long week, and I know there is still much more in store for us.

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