Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last Day At Vandy

Me and my roommate, Anna, before the dance.  
Lucy! I love her!
Alexis, one of the smartest girls I have ever met. 
The lovely girls in my proctor group 
I woke up earlier than usual this morning feeling rather dazed. I lay there in bed for several minutes, trying to get my body to fall back asleep, but to no avail. I sighed as I stared at the plain and pale ceiling above me. I propped myself up on my elbows and peeked over at Anna, who was sleeping peacefully in the bed across from me. I reached over to my bedside table to grab my cell phone to check the time; it was 6:25 AM. 

" Ugh, " I groaned. Anna turned in her bed. I mentally kicked myself for my outburst and quietly got out of bed. I knew I wouldn't be able to fall asleep, so I decided to take a quick shower and muddle over the thoughts floating in my mind. The bathroom was empty (which is rare), so it was a good opportunity for me to meditate and get my thoughts together before I started my day. 

When I returned to my room, I discovered that my roommate's bed was empty and the lights were on. I dressed quickly and after had time to spare. To pass the time and wrote a little parting note to one of my friends and cleaned up the remainder of my belongings.

After breakfast I headed with my classmates to our classroom for our final lesson. We spent a majority of our time in the computer lab, finishing the remainder of our stories. Then, after lunch, we finished our day by watching "Sherlock" and taking some class pictures.

At around 5 o'clock we attended the closing ceremony. Many of my peers received awards, and I was surprised to receive an award myself. Then, they played a slideshow of pictures on a large projector. About two hours later, the final dance of the session had begun. In my opinion, it was not as fun as the first dance, but that was probably because I knew everything was ending.

At 10 o'clock the girls in my proctor group ordered pizza. We all hung out together gossiping while we ate our pizza. After that, I moved my mattress into Katherine and Amanda's room, where they hosted a sleepover for the rest of the girls in our group. 
My professor, Dr. Jan and TA Chris

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  1. Okay, explain to me what it was that we sent you to Nashville for? Pizza? Dances? Sleepovers?

    Oh--and maybe a few minutes in class?

    Are you noticing, Narges, that your blogs are starting to read more like stories? Maybe you’re learning a few things other than how to be a teenage girl (who looks mighty fine when she gets all gussied up).