Thursday, July 26, 2012

Like A Handprint On My Heart

I’ve learned so much these past few weeks and now that this adventure is pretty much over, I felt the need to make this last full day mean something and I am happy to say that I accomplished just that. This day has been full of amazing accomplishments, Hollywood dances, and tearful conversations and in the end, I’ve had such an amazing experience.

This morning, I was a little nervous for my group’s presentation – I mean, we had to evaluate each other individually even though it was a group effort. Besides, I wasn’t nervous about the fact that we had to speak for about 25 minutes, but because I wanted to be completely knowledgeable about my research proposal and answer any questions that I would have to face. Once we got up there though, my nerves quickly dissipated and before I knew it, it was over. Our group had to leave the room so the “judges” could evaluate our ADD/ADHD medication proposal in privacy. While we were outside, I was just wondering about what they could possibly be thinking about my own research study involving children and college students. However, I didn’t get to think about it too much because they called us back in soon after.

Our prize.
The rest of the presentations went by quickly, like a blur. I was also impressed with everyone else’s proposals and I can really see all the hard work they out into it. Anyway, when all of our presentations were finished, Dr. Sulikowski and our TA, Sarah discussed about all our projects. I am not sure if they decided who did the best or if the class did but regardless, our group won. I was so proud of my whole group and I; all our hard work and group effort must have really shown and I am so glad we won. We even got this little prize, some chocolate, and a used coffee cup with all our signatures on it. I know that coffee cup thing is pretty weird, but we all signed it in the beginning of the session so it was only right we gave it away in the end. Afterwards, we got this sheet about drugs and we had to extend the branches on it. This was something I did in the beginning of the session and I clearly remember I barely wrote a few words – as did everyone else. Now, I pretty much filled the whole page! This really shows how much I’ve learned over the past few weeks and you know what? There was probably a lot more I could’ve written, but I just couldn’t think of more in one sitting.
My awesome team!
This was my last day in my Pharmacology class, and I really am going to miss it. I am going to miss Dr. Sulikowski’s crazy sense of humor, Ally’s helpful brain, Hunter’s hilarious laugh, Esohe’s creativity, and even Campbell’s wackiness. This group of people was great people to learn alongside; from our heated discussions to silly games of beach volleyball, we really had a great time.
Best Buddies
Paula and I

After our last class, we began to get ready for the last and most anticipated dance at VSA: The Hollywood Dance. I am not one to wear flashy clothes so I didn’t. I think my pair of jeans was much more comfortable to dance in than a dress would have been. Anyway, the dance was pretty amazing. The music was great and everyone was happy, joyful, and just wanted to have a good time. I have never been to a dance at my school, and I hope that the dances there are just as fun as they are over here.

Once the dance was over, my proctor group went to Tessa’s room for our official, last proctor meeting. This meeting really wasn’t a meeting though; it was kind of like emotional pre-goodbye time. And when I say it was emotional, I really mean it. All of us basically just talked about all the different things we loved about each other and what we will miss about each other once we go our separate ways. Overall these girls, including my proctor have become such prominent people in my life, and I will never forget them. “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave handprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.”

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  1. Of course you know, Yessenia, that the prize was not the candy and “used” coffee cup. The prize was in being selected as the best. The tangible goods you walked away with are just the icing on the cake.

    Later, though, you’ll have to explain why the cup was used and not new. For a health type class, doesn’t this sound like an unhealthy situation?

    Love the photos--especially the group at the end.

    I suppose it depends on what mind of dress you’re talking about when you say that dancing in your jeans would be more comfortable. When I go out dancing I like to wear a short and loose dress so I can let my body fly. What--a guy can’t get dressed up on a Friday night? Yeah, right about now I bet you’re trying to envision my 275 pounds in a frilly dress on the dance floor. And you’re probably trying not to throw up at that visual image. Okay, maybe I’m just leading you on--I don’t really dance.