Friday, July 20, 2012

Stranded In The Rec Center

We really do live in a strange world; a world where it is legal to smoke cigarettes that can kill you and not use other drugs like marijuana for medical uses. I am not completely pro marijuana - it has its faults, but I really do believe that the world is a corrupted place when the federal government lets you kill yourself with cigarettes but not allow marijuana to help cancer patients with the terrible symptoms of chemotherapy.

As you can tell, we discussed about controversial drugs like marijuana today. Marijuana has been a huge concern for our country since the 1930’s and has become a bigger problem ever since. For example, marijuana causes a lot of the amount of violence in the United States, and many people in prison are there for marijuana related reasons. Overall, there has been a long debate over legalizing marijuana, and what it could mean for our country as a whole. Personally, I am not sure what would happen if we did legalize it, but I think that if we keep doing what we are doing, it won’t help the situation at all.
After class, we all went to the Rotunda to have yet another ArĂȘte showcase. This also meant we had to show the glee video we made this week. I hadn’t seen the final product, so I was exceptionally nervous when our turn came around. To my relief, the music video turned out fine and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. All the other groups, including the Broadway Dance class was great and I thoroughly enjoyed their performance of one of my favorite songs from Chicago. The Improv group wasn’t too bad either. They all had to come up with crazy, spontaneous stories that made everyone giggle in their seats. This is definitely my favorite showcase so far.

Once the showcase was over, it was time for the Luau at the Rec Center about 15-20 minutes away on foot. I wasn’t too excited since I wasn’t going to swim, but surprisingly, I still had a blast with my friends playing a beach ball game. After an hour or so, it started to rain, and we all went inside to hear what would happen.

Unfortunately, the swim time was cut short and we all were forced to go inside until the heavy downpour finished. I believe we were in there for a whole hour, just sitting around, which totally sucked. Regardless, I decided to make the best of it, and hung out with my friends until we were finally allowed to go back. The walk back wasn’t too bad, and went by in a flash. I have always wondered why it feels like it takes longer to go somewhere for the first time than to come back.

At the Luau

It's ok Hannah, we will leave soon...
Anyway, the minute we arrived back at the dorms (at 10:45) all the girls made a bee-line to the shower. Fortunately, I didn’t have to be a part of this chaos since I showered before we came and avoided the pool throughout the Luau. Although the night didn’t turn out exactly as planned, I am sure everyone had a great time. I am sure, tomorrow night will be even better since we are going to see The Dark Knight Rises in theatres tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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