Friday, July 20, 2012

Health And Safety First!

Today was one of the few days where we didn’t have a lecture in Pharmacology class. During our morning session, we began writing the first few steps when creating a grant for a research project. The most important parts when trying to get funding for your research project is to state your affiliations and the significance of your project. If there is no purpose to your project, there will be no reason for someone to fund it. Our professor found my group’s introductions really good, and it was a crazy feeling to know that a Vanderbilt professor was impressed enough with our paragraphs, that she had us read it to the class as an example. I’m really proud of the progress my group has made.

 We then walked over to the research building across campus to listen to another seminar. There were four organic chemists who shared their experiences in the science career and industry. The room was also filled with many graduate students who asked many questions concerning their life as they enter in the science industry. The seminar content wasn’t really for me, considering it was for those chemists who want to actually work in a science lab, creating molecules and drugs. But one thing that I did get out of it is: choose a career path that you have the drive for and do something that you are happy doing. 

After the seminar, we went back to our classroom and watched a movie on marijuana. The movie really interested me, because it talked mainly about California, and how it has taken a big part in society. Living in this state, I have witnessed how this drug has influenced everyday life. There is much controversy over why recreational use of marijuana is illegal, because alcohol and tobacco have far worse effects and yet they are legal. If it is less dangerous, then you may ask why is marijuana still illegal? The government sees it as a gateway drug to heavier drugs, such as cocaine. It is said to be the most harmful Schedule 1 drug. Marijuana has become so mainstream that there are 758 delivery services for marijuana in California. Technically it is only for medical use, but people have taken advantage of it. The dispensaries in charge of medical marijuana are not controlled, so the question arises, how do they regulate the marijuana patients? One marijuana user is arrested every 37 seconds, resulting in hundreds and thousands of people in jail for marijuana use. I would like to know more about the health effects of marijuana, and grow a deeper understanding. Tomorrow we will have a debate on whether or not we should legalize it, and while I still believe it shouldn’t be legalized, I will be more educated.
Narges and I fencing!

The Arête performance in the Rotunda was great. I did a simple act of fencing on the stage with Narges, and it was awesome watching all the other performances. I especially enjoyed the Glee music video and the dance performances. Unfortunately, this was our last Arête here at VSA.
Broadway dance!

Eating popsicles!
We ended our night with a luau party at the pool! I decided not to swim, but instead watch the guys play basketball and I also played some volleyball with a beach ball. Unfortunately, a storm came in, so since there was lightening, everyone had to get out of the pool. Water does conduct electricity, so we definitely did not want to get electrocuted. We headed indoors in the recreational center and waited until the storm stopped. We all arrived at the dorms safely and I am thankful for another day here at VSA.
Watching the guys play basketball!
Luau party with the girls!


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