Thursday, July 19, 2012

The American Idol Girl

Class was mostly focused on Amphetamines today. We learned how it affects our body and how we become addicted to it. Basically, the drug enters your body and goes to your brain where it blocks the pathways to certain receptors. After it blocks the pathway, it leaves the dopamine (a feel-good chemical) to forever hit the receptors, releasing that feeling of a high.

Silly Pictures Are Always Fun

Although the idea of feeling good for an extended amount of time does sound appealing, the overall effect of this drug is extremely negative. For example, using this drug a couple times can actually permanently lower your dopamine level, making you need methamphetamine all the time. Also, meth can really cause psychological problems and give addicts wild hallucinations and visions. Amphetamines also cause huge hospital problems in our country; in fact 49% of all hospital admissions are because of Amphetamines. Unfortunately, drugs will almost always be a problem in some way, shape, or form.
After class, I went to my glee class where we finally finished the video we are making. I had this little solo and I had to have camera time for about 5 seconds. I really hate any form of camera time, even if it’s just for 5 seconds. Regardless, I am still curious about the final product that will be showcased tomorrow. I hope it’s not too embarrassing…
Once I finished Arete, I head to see a performance by former American Idol participant, Ayla Brown. She was a basketball star who made it to the top 24 in Idol’s 5th season. At first, I wasn’t too excited for the show since I was feeling a little tired; however, her singing was really, really good. She told us all about her experience with American Idol, and didn’t leave anything out. I really enjoyed how down to earth she was and I had a great time for the whole show. Other people also got a chance to sing up stage, which was really funny. Chris also “volunteered” to go up to do his famous Simon Cowell accent, which received a ton of applause. I really had a blast at the performance.

Ayla singin'

One of the proctors!

Me and Ayla!

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