Thursday, July 19, 2012

Only 8 More Days

My awesome VSA group. 

I walked into my dorm room to discover that the curtains were drawn. Outside, the night sky flashed brilliant colors of blue. Every now and again, a single streak of lightening would slice across the sky, lighting the entire campus as it did so. I walked over to my bed and planted myself there, listening to the thunder echo through the quiet grounds. I closed my eyes and folded my arms behind my head, thinking. 

When I first arrived here at Vanderbilt Summer Academy, I was not entirely happy. I had met some very nice people and my class was interesting, but I still felt a tinge of loneliness. I wanted nothing more than to return home, back to my friends and family. However, after a few day passed, I began to meet more people, and eventually I met a specific group of people who I meshed with very nicely. I began to sit with them everyday during meals, then we started hanging out at the dorms, and soon we had all become great friends. 

This group of friends I made consisted of three boys and four girls (excluding myself). All of us have dynamic personalities, and we are all from different parts of the country yet we get along so well. We wholeheartedly enjoy each other's presence and we grow closer to each other everyday. Tonight, for example, we all went out for dinner. We signed out for freetime and walked off campus to Paneria, a bread and pasta place. We all ate delicious food as we joked and teased one another. 

Today in class we mostly just worked on our stories. I am writing mine based off of Michael Jackson's song " Smooth Criminal". I spent the entire first week doing research and taking notes on how I want the people in my stories to die. I planned out their deaths, and I created cruel villains and a brave detective, who I made a teenage girl. I did that because I have always wanted to be as intelligent as a detective so I thought it would be interesting to write as story as if I was one. 

It is an interesting experience and I am learning many new things everyday. My only complaint about VSA is not having enough time to myself for studying. I try to set aside some time to work out at the gym or study for some of my classes next year, but they keep us so busy that it is incredibly difficult to do so. 

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