Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Beautiful, Relaxing Sunday

Matthew and I seated in the pews.
It was a beautiful Sunday here at VSA. Weekends are the best, because we get to sleep in. After getting ready for church, we headed to breakfast, and then met with a proctor to head to Belmont United Methodist Church. There were only three students, and four in all including the proctor. It was a short walk to the church, and it looked like a part of the White House on the outside. With many white columns, you would never think it is a church. We entered the large building, and the first thing I saw was a pipe organ.  The pipes were beautifully arranged, and on the sides of the church were colorful stained glass windows. It was a traditional service, and it was very nice. It consisted of many elderly people, so there wasn’t really a contemporary aspect to it. Nonetheless, I did like the service, many members were very welcoming, and I hope to go back next week. I appreciate the fact that VSA offers us a chance to take part in religious life here in Nashville.

After the hour-long service, we walked back to the dorms to have lunch. I enjoyed the popcorn shrimp and fries. I’ve noticed that I eat potatoes almost everyday, either tater tots, or French-fries. I’m not eating very healthy here, but I really should. College life is going to be crazy eating cafeteria food everyday.
My roommate and I! 
After a good lunch, I chose to go to the Nashville Zoo. It was really cool to see all the animals, but unfortunately it was over 90 degrees. I especially enjoyed seeing the baby giraffe; it was super adorable. I was also amazed to see many flamingos and the baby cougars. To take a break from the heat, we went through the amphibian and aquarium exhibit. Fortunately, it was air-conditioned! I had the opportunity to see some tarantulas and some tortoises that literally looked like stones. I really enjoyed our trip to the zoo, since I haven’t been to one in so long, but I can say the San Francisco zoo is way better.   
The beautiful flamingos!
The awesome 5-week old giraffe!
We returned to the dorms, and relaxed a bit inside before we headed out for dinner. The special tonight was some type of Asian food. I decided to try it, but it wasn’t very good. I’m glad I got some jerk chicken, popcorn shrimp, and a salad to satisfy myself.
The before face, isn't as nice as the after face..

I decided to go with Yessenia to the College Board session. A panel of four proctors who are currently in college were available to answer questions. Many things that were said, I recognized were said at the college tours and information sessions I’ve been to. There wasn’t anything that stood out to me from Vanderbilt; I have a feeling it is similar to Duke University. Nevertheless, it still is a really good school, hence called “The Ivy League of the South”, so I will keep my options open.

After the many college information sessions, I have a good idea of what important aspects to consider when choosing the right college. From class sizes to internship opportunities, I must keep an open mind to colleges here on the South, East, and of course in California. I feel like I've had more exposure to schools here than back at my home state. It's crazy, because I haven't been to any UC information sessions, except one back at seventh grade. I haven't had the opportunity to ask UCs the important questions I have now. With a lot of information on colleges here, I must go back home and weigh out the options. My college application process is already not too far away, and I am very blessed to have this Ivy League Connection experience.

One full week here at Vanderbilt has finished, and the experience has already broadened my horizons to the world. New cultures, new people, new friends, and new adventures.

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