Sunday, July 15, 2012


Anna ( my roommate), Katarina, and I at the Country Music Hall Of Fame 

There aren’t very many bad things I can say about the summer program at Vanderbilt. The people here are all friendly, the city is lively, and the campus is beautiful. However, there are a couple of things about Vanderbilt Summer Academy that is slightly irritating to me: the scarce amount of free time we are permitted and the restrictions placed upon us.

Although I understand the reasons behind the tight restrictions we have, I still wish we were given a little bit more freedom. According to some of my friends who are natives here, Nashville is a dangerous city, so the people in charge here at VSA have no choice but to assign us boundaries. “ They need to make sure we don’t wander into a bad part of town.” However, there are some days—like today—where we are imprisoned in our dorm building. It irks me because I want to have some time to explore Nashville and see the rest of the Vanderbilt Campus.  

Despite the lack of free time, the organized events here at Vanderbilt are pretty fun. Today, for example, I went shopping with a group of friends after our visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Honestly, the Hall of Fame itself was not too interesting to me because I am not a fan of country music, but I enjoyed visiting the little shops downtown. There was no class today, so we had a lot of time to kill, but we were mandated to visit one of four locations: the Country Hall of Fame, the zoo, the art museum, or an old plantation here in Nashville. Everyone of the groups came back earlier than expected, so people had time to take a shower and hang out in the buildings, but we were not allowed to leave the campus.

Now that I have spent an entire week here, I can say that my perspective on things is beginning to change. For example, I did not think I would miss my family and friends back home this much. I was homesick for the first few days of camp, but that feeling began to dwindle as I grew more comfortable here. It stills comes and goes every once and a while, so I sometimes feel conflicted as to whether or not I would want to go to school here for college.

Before I end my blog tonight, I would like to mention that all the girls on my floor know that I blog. In fact, my roommate Anna ( who is probably the best roommate in the history of roommates) reads my blog every night. 
My friends and I created out own cowboy outfit. Purple boots rock. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis is in the building!

Country Music Hall Of Fame 

Mysterious Masquerade Masks 

A beautiful white dress worn by Taylor Swift at one of her concerts.

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