Sunday, July 22, 2012

Last Sunday

Well, this was my last Sunday here at VSA and it is surprising how fast everything went by today.

This morning didn’t start off like all the others since I woke up extremely early to do my laundry. Waking up at 6 in the morning is always a drag but it sure beats waiting in a long line just to get a chance to wash my clothes. I was actually hoping to wash my clothes and then nap until lunchtime, but I couldn’t go back to sleep so I ended up watching Sherlock Holmes with a couple of my friends who also got up super early.

After lunch, we all go ready for our special outing to the Opry Mills Mall about 40 minutes away by bus. I was super excited because malls usually mean one thing to me: shopping. No, I am not a shopaholic but I do enjoy buying a little something special for me. I actually did find a thing or two which pretty much awesome for me since I am a little picky about what I get to wear; I really go for comfort. Anyway, the mall was huge. It was like a huge circle with tons of stores and restaurants to choose from; a lot different from the not-so-great mall we have in Hilltop.

Today was also the day I won in a game of pool – technically. I teamed up with my good friend Anna against these two other boys, Hunter and Ricardo. I already knew one of them, since he was in my pharmacology class. The other boy was actually from Brazil which was pretty cool. Anyway, during the beginning of the game, Anna and I struggled and accidentally put two of their balls down the pocket-thing. However, the tables were turned when Anna and I scored two apiece. I bet if we practiced enough, we could be master pool players.

Watching a pretty serious game of Foosball.

Back at the dorms, we all hung out together, sang songs, and watched a couple movies. I know it isn’t much, but for teenagers, hanging out takes up a lot of time. Now that Monday is just around the corner, I hope I can adjust from this slow, relaxing weekend to the fast-paced weekday ahead. This week we are supposed to work on our final project in our pharmacology class, which involves making our own research proposals – a serious challenge. Regardless, I think my group is doing very well and I hope we keep this streak of doing well.

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