Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Last Day Of The Second Week

My time at Vanderbilt Summer Academy is slowly coming to an end. As I reflect on my experiences here and everything I learned, a smile finds its way to my lips. I have learned so much from my class and from my peers in these past two weeks. I feel slightly upset at the idea of going back home, but at the same time, the idea of returning to the comfort of my own home is quite intoxicating. 

Nothing too significant happened today except that all of VSA went to the mall. It was a one story mall, but it was still pretty big. I was with a large group of people, so I didn't spend too much time shopping 
( I didn't want to keep everyone in Forever 21, which I probably would not have left had we stayed longer). My group and I mostly just wandered around the mall and spent most of our money on snacks. 

Although we did not shop much, I have never had that much fun in my entire life. I never knew just walking around with a huge group of people could be more fun than trying on and buying clothes. We chatted and laughed and got to know one another better. 

After we returned from the mall, we had free time. My friends wanted to go to "bad movie night", but I was reluctant to oblige. I decided to go and leave if the movie wasn't good. Well, the movie wasn't good, but I didn't leave because it was so spectacularly awful that it was hilarious. What made it even more comical (besides the poor cinematography and impossible events) were the commentaries by the film teacher here at VSA. The entire room echoed with the laugh of about 50 teenagers tonight. 

The second week at VSA has ended. I have much to upon my return home, and I feel that now I can do those things with a clear mind. I know that my family will probably say that I have changed, because I honestly feel like I have in these past couple weeks. I will be returning home a young woman with a little more experience about the world. 

My friend, Amanda, with a friendly shark. 

Me with the friendly shark!

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