Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It was yet another rainy day. After sleeping in an hour and finishing my normal morning routine, I headed to breakfast and walked over to my class. I regret wearing sandals in this weather, because my feet were definitely soaking wet. During all our Public Service Announcement presentations, we were all munching on popcorn and drinking soda. Soda right after breakfast? Yes. All, but one presentation consisted of a power point. Some students got even more created with a story and one even acted like an actual announcer. Did you know Tylenol could cause death? Although it is rare, there is still a possibility.

The drug dating game!
Presenting wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and I’m glad my professor liked my power point. I’m glad that project is put behind me, and I have a relaxed weekend ahead of me. We ended our class session today with the drug dating game. There was one drug as the bachelor and three other drugs as the bachelorette. The bachelor asked the bachelorettes questions and in the end chose who he wants to be with. It was pretty funny, especially when one of the bachelors chose marijuana. It was a fun game and a useful tool to learn more about drugs.

After a delicious lunch, we all headed to the Rotunda to play Minute To Win It. We were divided into houses, and then each given a number within our house. The games were really enjoyable, and very intense. I was chosen to play the Penny Hose game. There was a panty hose with a penny at the end of each leg, and without letting both hands touch each other; we had to get the pennies. At first I was on a roll, until one side had a hole in it. Nevertheless, I kept going until the 60 seconds ended, and was able to get one penny. Although S-House didn’t win that game, we brought it to the top, winning first place for the whole entire game!
Minute To Win It!

After so much fun, it was time for SOFT. I decided to check out the bookstore, and grab some souvenirs. On our way there, it was bright, sunny, and hot. On our way back, it was pouring rain.  I must tell you it is not fun walking a long time in the pouring rain. I was glad to spend the rest of my free time indoors, because as we left to watch the baseball game, it was still raining.

The skies cleared up for awhile..
Since the weatherman said the rain would stop at 6:15 PM, the decision was made that we still go to the baseball game. Upon arrival there was light rain, then the skies soon cleared. The baseball players were still not on the field due to the delay from the rain. After about a 45-minute wait, it began to pour. Unfortunately, the game was postponed, and we headed back to our dorms. Alternate activities included: watching movies, painting nails, mind games, and board games. I decided to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 for a short time.

A beautiful rainbow as we arrived back from the game.
Another night, another proctor meeting, another eventful day. Good night!

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