Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rainy Days

Rain, rain, rain.
Since breakfast started at 9 AM we were technically allowed another hour of sleep. However, I went to sleep about an hour later than usual last night so I basically had the same amount of sleep as I always do. Anyway, the day began pretty bright and delightful – but that soon changed on my way to class. The skies turned grey and gloomy with tons of rain pouring in.
Despite the unfavorable start, class today was brisk and lively. We started the morning presenting our projects we had been working on for the past day or two. What we basically had to do was make a PSA, or Public Service Announcement (which is a message in the public interest disseminated by the media, with the objective of raising awareness towards a social issue) on any drug we wanted to do. However, the project had to be done in a creative way, rather than a boring old report.
My drug was Codeine Sulfate, a pill for pain. I chose this drug mainly because I used it after a surgery I had about a year ago, and I was curious about the exact side effects codeine can cause. I found out that Codeine actually causes hallucinations and even kills people with a rare genetic disorder called Sleep Apnea. I also learned other interesting facts from other peoples' projects. For example, many anti-depressants actually cause suicide or suicidal thoughts. This totally contradicts what these types of drugs are meant to do. Anyway, everyone’s projects were really informative and even funny. One of my classmates even made a story describing the relationship between her drug and a person.
At first, I was not too excited about making a PSA by myself, but in the end, I realized it was much more fun to do than I thought. I am really glad we got to do a project this way because it enabled us to research things on our own, and teach the class about our findings in a fun way. I wouldn’t mind doing another one of these again.
After class, all of VSA head to the Rotunda, where we all would play a game of Minute to Win it, with each house playing against each other. Minute to Win it is basically a series of mini games that each have to be completed in 1 minute. Although this sounds really easy, it really wasn’t and most of these games were tough to complete, making it difficult to win. Nonetheless, our team, S-House won by a ton of points. I am really glad we finally got to finally redeem ourselves after being in third place this whole week.

Hannah in the center playing the Penny Hose game!

Once the game ended, most of us went to the bookstore (about 20 minutes away) to buy any souvenirs we wanted. The walk over there was super tiring because the sun was extremely bright and hot. However our walk back was anything but. The rain started pouring in and we were drenched by the time we arrived back from our dorms.

After the bookstore
Since the weather was so bad, I thought that the baseball game planned for that night would be canceled. I was wrong – partially. All of us loaded on the bus for the game and we were pretty excited. We arrived there and the weather was getting worse so the announcer guy notified everyone that the game was canceled. Although, we were grateful to finally leave the wet baseball stadium, we were also bummed that we came all that way for nothing. On the bright side, there was a gorgeous rainbow when came back to Hank Ingram.

Waiting for the game
Amber, Sara, and Elizabeth

To make up for the lost time, the proctors laid down a bunch of activities for us to do. I decided to watch the last Harry Potter movie since I absolutely love the series. Once the film ended, I went back to my proctor’s room for our daily meeting.
Although today didn’t go exactly as planned, I still had a great time. Now, on tomorrows agenda: church, and the Nashville Zoo!

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