Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Very Eventful Day

A rainbow formed just as we arrived back to Vandy from the canceled baseball game

I woke up this morning before my alarm went off. Since it is Saturday, classes start at 10 o'clock and last until 12 o'clock. On the weekdays, class usually starts at 9 and stretches until 3 o'clock. I usually set my alarm to go off at 7 in the morning ( we have to be at breakfast by 8:00). Today, however, I set my alarm to an hour later, but I found myself still waking up at 7. I guess it has just become habitual for me to wake at that time now after doing so for the past week.

I didn't know what to do with myself as I lay there in bed, with my roommate sleeping soundly in the bed across from me. I did not want to wake her, so I tried not to move around too much. I reached for my phone, which was on my desk next to the bedside table, and just started playing around with it. I checked my emails, sent some emails, and wrote out a list of things I needed to do and buy. Before I knew it, it was time to get up and get ready for breakfast. 

After breakfast I headed to class. I was wearing grey shorts, a navy short-sleeved shirt, black flats, and my signature black hat that I have worn every day since my first day here. It was pouring rain and I had forgotten my rain jacket in my dorm. Luckily, my classroom is right next to the cafeteria, so I was able to make it to class without getting to wet. 

Class was only two hours long today and we mostly spent our time writing today. I did a lot of research on guns and locked room murders for my story. I tried to figure out how to incorporate some of my favorite things out mystery stories into my own. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out HOW to create the mystery scene I wanted. I had the fragments of the murder, but I could not piece them together. I spent the last half-hour of class with my chin resting in my palm, staring at the computer screen. I was in such deep thought that I jumped when my friend tapped me on the shoulder and told me it was time to go.

When class was over we had lunch. The lunch room was especially crowded today because some cheerleaders were here for camp, so there wasn't much room to sit. I followed my friends up the stairs as I tightly clutched my tray and counted the steps so I could avoid an accident. I sat with my friends and a group of random people I have never met. We started a conversation with them while we ate, and then we hung out with them after lunch. 

When everyone was done eating, we made our way to the Rotunda, where we usually gather together for organized events. We all sat according to our house and competed in a series on ridiculous ( but completely entertaining) tasks to win house points. I wasn't expecting it to be as exciting as it was. Luckily, my number was not called out, so I had the pleasure of watching rather than competing myself. 

After the house competition, I joined a rather large group and walked to the Vanderbilt bookstore, which was a Barnes and Noble. I bought a shirt for my sister and a book for myself. I also bought a small, vanilla frappuccino from Starbucks, which I drank in the car on the way back. 

When we returned from the bookstore, we only had a few minutes to get ready for the baseball game. Our proctors handed us our tickets outside of our doors and we traveled to the stadium by bus. When we got there, it was slightly pouring. The seats were covered with drops of rain so I used my rain jacket at a mat before sitting down. We were only there for about an hour because the game was cancelled due to the heavy rain that randomly began to fall. 

We all stomped our feet and made our way back to the busses, disappointed. We returned to the houses and were given some freetime, which I spent in a friend's dorm chatting and eating snacks. I ended my long day with a nice, long hot shower and some relaxing songs playing while I blogged.  

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