Thursday, July 12, 2012

Routines..Plus Zumba!

Everything has become a routine for me. I am fully adjusted to the time change, and schedules, but I miss sleeping in during the summer. It didn’t really feel like summer today, because of the frequent showers of rain.

Nevertheless, we began our Pharmacology class with heated discussions and challenged debates. Our class was split into four groups and we each discussed a controversial topic. One group discussed genetic engineering, another abortion, another physician-assisted suicide, and my group discussed the topic of legalizing marijuana. We went back and forth on why or why not it should become legal. Being a Christian, I base my values and morals on my beliefs, which take a big part on my stance of issues like abortion and marijuana. On the pro side, one may say that the drug is not physically addictive, and the government can regulate it more and tax it. On the contrary, on may say that it still encourages additional use, increases accessibility, and it even has proven negative effects. Many subjects like this; especially abortion can get really touchy and full of arguments. Each person has their on values on choice, economics, politics, morality, and religion, so we could have gone on and on debating each subject.

I found our morning session quite enjoyable with this type of activity, but then we dove into another lecture on the FDA drug regulations on drugs. I’m not a big fan of lectures, but I do like learning new interesting facts.  Today I learned that it has been only 40 years since regulations on drugs have been intact. Before then, drugs didn’t require any efficiency, and there was no regulatory authority. Additionally, did you know that 15%-20% of all drugs in the United States are counterfeit? It’s really easy to counterfeit drugs, so everyone should be careful when ordering medicine, especially online.

Hanging out during free time!
For lunch, I had two steak fajitas and a giant chocolate chip cookie. It was delicious, and I was very satisfied. For our afternoon session of Pharmacology, we began watching a movie about the AIDs epidemic called, And The Band Played On. It was quite interesting to see how the gay community was greatly affected when scientists were in the beginning stages of discovering the illness. After watching an hour of the movie, we headed down to the computer lab to begin research on our Public Service Announcement project. I chose the drug, Motrin, also known as Ibuprofen, and discovered many facts on the commonly used drug. The computer lab was filled with nice desktop Macs, and after much research I now need to think of a short, but fun way to present the drug to my class.

After two hours of research, I walked in the rain to my dance class. We learned an Americanized Bollywood dance, a Western line dance, and a military shuffle. Tomorrow we will be showcasing one of our dances to everyone at VSA. I am nervous, but also excited. I was kind of sweating from a session of dancing, so I decided to relax in my room with my roommate.

We had a nice dinner, and I was really full. After I digested, I headed to do zumba!  I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was very, very fun. We exercised through different dance moves, from moving our hips to doing the salsa. It was awesome to see a room full of girls all dancing and just having a great time. I hope I can get a zumba video when I get back home, so I can get in shape!
My proctor, Tessa!
We ended our night with an amazing proctor group meeting! We planned many things, and I can't wait for tomorrow!

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