Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week One Is Almost Done

My first week at the Vanderbilt Summer Academy is almost over. There are many things happening tomorrow: a mystery movie in class, a showcase, and a dance are all on the schedule. I expect the dance to be rather awkward. I can already see the imaginary line segregating the girls from the boys. It should be a very interesting evening. 

I somehow managed to get out of singing in front of the entire academy. Although I was brave enough to sing in front of the class, I don't think I could muster enough courage to do it in front of the entire summer camp. Luckily, another group was chosen to represent my Arete songwriting class tomorrow, so I don't have to worry about it anymore. 

Arete class is just a one hour class we have everyday for an hour after our normal class. It is more of a fun class that is usually something artistic or athletic. Every Friday, one group from each Arete class has to preform in front of everyone here at the academy. I am still not completely comfortable here, so you can imagine my despair when I was told I had to do something in front of the entire summer academy. However, my class voted for another group to be the representatives, so I don't have to worry anymore. 

I am getting closer with the girls on my floor. Each of them are very unique and fun in their own little distinct way. They all make me feel very comfortable; I feel like I can be myself around them and not get judged. 

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