Sunday, July 8, 2012

S-House: The Glue That Holds VSA Together

We have finally arrived at Vanderbilt! So far, it has been extremely amazing meeting all these people and officially moving into the dorm I will be staying at for the next three weeks. However, the weather has not been very kind.
As we were on our way to Pancake Pantry, a breakfast place recommended by Vanderbilt alumnus and locals alike, we were already feeling the extreme heat to come. I don’t know if the temperature was too high today, but it sure felt like it was 100 degrees on our way to this acclaimed restaurant.
Pancake Pantry was a small, cozy place with friendly waitresses and absolutely delicious food. I ordered the Swiss Chocolate Chip Pancakes and let me tell you; they tasted like heaven. The chocolate was gooey and sweet while the pancakes were nice and fluffy. They were almost the best pancakes I have ever had.
After our breakfast, we went back to the hotel, packed our entire luggage, and went on our way to Vanderbilt. Checking in was a snap, so we had plenty of time to unpack our things in the dorms and get ready for our first group meeting.
The dorm, before I unpacked.

I found out that I was in this group called S-House which is one team out of three. There is also a V-House and A-house as well. These houses then get broken down into proctor groups which usually consist of a small group of 14 and a leader. Our proctor group leader is Tessa Hoefle, a college student, track runner, and band lover. She is such a sweet, understanding, and joyful person and I am really glad I got her as my proctor group leader. My group as a whole is really great too. Everyone is so different, coming from all sorts of areas like New York and LA. They are also very friendly, and I got to meet many people. For example, there is Anna, a very social girl from Peruvian descent, Sara, a calm tennis player of Irish and Korean descent, and Meera, my easy-going roommate from Kentucky. I really love big, diverse groups like these and I am excited to learn more about them and hopefully become good friends with all of them!
My awsome proctor group!

After our meeting, all of VSA got together to learn about the basic rules on campus. They are very simple things to follow, and it shouldn’t be a problem for me to follow them. However, I do wish we had a little more freedom. I like my freedom, but I know we will all be very busy with activities and school to be too worried about that anyway. The coordinators of VSA also forewarned us about the challenges we may face ahead. The classes will be tough, but there will always be someone there if you ever need help – which I am grateful for.
Dorm food!
Once our meeting was over, we had a couple hours of free time before we met with our proctor group once more. This last meeting was to really get a look at what everyone wants out of each other. Nearly all of us said the same thing: to be respected, to be trusted, to be accepted, and to be friendly with one another. I am glad all of us genuinely want to get to know each other better and I really hope we do bond over the next couple of weeks.
Tomorrow I get to start my first pharmacology class with my first real professor. Wish me luck!

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