Sunday, July 8, 2012

We Have Finally Arrived

We have arrived!

Right now I am sitting in my dorm room in Vanderbilt University across from my roommate. We are both quiet and working on something on our laptops. We sit in a peaceful silence, with the only disturbance coming from the roaring thunder from outside. Every now and then, a blue flash of light will light up the night sky, but it disappears in an instant. We pay it no mind, as we have already grown accustomed to it. 

 I started off my first day in Nashville by heeding the advise of all the Vandy alumni. At the dinner in San Francisco ( which felt like a century ago), all the alumni I spoke to told me to visit the Pancake Pantry with my cohort. We walked in the high, humid heat and stood in line for about twenty minutes. We were all grumbling and complaining about having to stand in line in the heat, but once we ate those pancakes we completely forgot our complaints; they were the most delicious treats I have ever had the privilege of eating. I ordered the Chocolate Chip Pancakes, and every bite tasted like a little piece of heaven. 

                                      My Chocolate Chip Pancakes.         

After we ate breakfast, we retrieved our luggage and made our way to Vanderbilt. Once there, we checked in, received our room key, and dragged our luggage to our room. " I feel like a proud father," Mr. Mannix joked as he helped us carry some of our bags to our rooms.

We had just made it to the dorm building when it began to rain. It was a scorching hot 96 degrees a second ago, and now it was raining! Chris, Yessenia, Hannah, and I all looked at each other with mouths gaped and eyebrows raised. We hurried into the building and I said goodbye to my cohort as we parted ways ( I am on a different floor than my cohort).

I walked along the long, simple hallway to room 305. A piece of paper with my name on it was taped on the door, and next to it was a similar one that had the name Anna written on it. I noticed that the door was ajar, so I took a peek inside. I only saw the right portion of the room, which looked empty. I thought that my roommate had not arrived yet, but as I pushed the door open further and entered the room I noticed a big, empty suitcase lying on the floor.
 " Hi!" said a blond girl appearing from behind the door. I jumped slightly from the unexpected greeting. Once I realized that this person was my roommate, I smiled and introduced myself. We chatted a bit as I unpacked, and I discovered that she is from South Carolina and love country music.

After I had finished unpacking, my roommate and I met our proctor and the rest of our floor mates for a meeting. We all introduced ourselves and played a game of " would you rather" to break the ice. At six o'clock our proctor led us to the dining area where we had dinner. It was a large room, with long wooden tables lined across the room. We sat and chatted some more with our proctor group as we ate our dinner, then we attended a little assembly where we were introduced to the rules of VSA and the other proctors. 

We ended our night with a brief tour of the campus. When we returned to our dorms, Jazmin gave us our schedules and reminded us of some of the rules then dismissed us to our rooms. As I sit here on my bed and type this blog, I can't help but wonder what my first day of class will be like tomorrow. I wonder if I will be able to find my class, or if I will be able to do the work the is required for my course. I wonder what my teacher is like, and if I will make any more new friends. I feel as though it is my first day of high school all over again. However, this is much better than high school. 

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