Friday, July 27, 2012

Saying Our Farewells, But Cherishing The Memories

What a bittersweet feeling it is to know that our Vanderbilt Summer Academy journey is over. It was three weeks ago when we first stepped foot on Vanderbilt, and saw roughly 150 strangers. I recall taking a picture with our proctor group on our first day, and none of us were close to each other. You can say we each were in our own little bubble. I really had no expectation in mind to whether I would form close bonds with other people, but I wasn’t really afraid of making new friends. I came into VSA with an open mind to things and a willingness to make the most out of this new adventure.

Over these past three weeks, I have formed a connection with my proctor group--a connection I know I will forever cherish. After our last meal, which unfortunately many did not attend (due to early flights), the toughest part of VSA hit me: saying goodbye. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to everyone that I met. It was tough spending the last few moments with these amazing people; just knowing we would soon be departing ways, and may not see each other ever again. However, I know we will keep in touch, and hopefully have a VSA reunion someday.
From complete strangers to a family of sisters!
My best friend, my roommate! 
It was kind of like the Hunger Games for our proctor group as each person left. We all left at various times, and after each person left we would do a group hug. Our group would keep shrinking, just as a tribute would die. (Fortunately, we weren’t dying.)  Personally, the hardest person to say goodbye to was my roommate. She has grown to become a best friend. The moment I gave her a last hug, I began to cry.  It was hard to let her go, knowing we won’t wake up in the same room the next morning, she wouldn’t be doing my hair, and we wouldn't have our hilarious conversations. Tears were so hard to hold back, but I will always cherish the happy moments and learning experiences we shared together. I will truly miss everyone, especially my proctor.  I know I will not forget her, nor the daily inspirational texts she sent our group.  Our quote for today is from the artistic Pablo Picasso: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” She is an inspiration to people in our proctor group, and definitely a blessing to all those around her.

The sweetest Southern Belle, Kelly!


It is now back down to just our Vanderbilt cohort and Mr. Mannix. Chris, Narges, Yessenia, and I are no longer on our twin-sized beds at the dorms, but rather on the large, comfy queen sized beds at the beautiful hotel. 

We had the opportunity to each try Jamaican food for the first time today. It was quite delicious and I enjoyed trying something new. It has definitely been a long month away from home, and we are all exhausted. The experiences were definitely worthwhile. The farewells were very difficult, but in the end all we can do is remember the good times and never forget the impact VSA has put on us.

Our last picture together at Vanderbilt....
Farewell VSA, I had a wonderful time!

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  1. My goodness, Hannah Lee. Over the years I've read many thousands of ILC blogs and this is a firs for me--you brought tears to my eyes.

    The way you described your relationship with these wonderful people was touching and certainly cemented the good thoughts I've developed about Vanderbilt.

    Thank you, Hannah Lee, for making this such a special blog.