Friday, July 27, 2012

Stuck Between the Past and the Future: The Present?

5 AM
And I'm gone--gone from my wonderful little mid-way college world. How can three weeks pass already? It's not fair how you have to make such close bonds with people who you have to say goodbye to in less than a month. I truly hope that the friendships I've made here weren't just temporary three week bonds. In three weeks, I've become strangers to "best buds" forever with some people here.

Last night I stayed up until about 4 AM just hanging with all my floor mates, writing and exchanging autographs in our Termbooks, and writing extensive letters to some of the friends that I promised I would write to. It was a weird feeling writing all these farewell letters and autographs for my friends/peers. I was only writing autographs for Pinole Valley High School students just a little over a month ago, and to write these again in such a short time again, really made this year the most friends I had to say goodbye to ever. This school year really will be the start of the end of my old life, and so a new beginning is coming very soon. I couldn't wait for college before. Now I just wish it would start right now. Wouldn't it be great if I was accepted to Vanderbilt and decided to go here, and one of my friends from VSA decided to go too. We would definitely be roommates.

I set my alarm for 5 AM; Yes, I set my alarm for 5 AM. I woke up and headed down to the basement where my "Chicago friends" and other friends within this group of friends passed time. The reason why we met up so early was because all of the Chicago people had to leave very early for their flight, 8:30 AM. It was so sad to know how fast the morning would pass by and how fast the goodbyes would be this morning. I don't want to believe that most of my friends that I've made here are thousands of miles away from my town. No matter how sad I am right now to see everyone go back to their homes, I know that very soon I will see them all again--in one way or another. I just need to keep in touch with these people.

By 11 AM, nearly all the students already left, and the Vandy cohort were some of the last to leave. With as many tight hugs and goodbyes before we left, the end of VSA truly came to an end. There's not enough words in the English dictionary to describe and explain how I feel right now. I'm excited for the future but reminiscent about the fun past that I've had these past four weeks. Now, I'm just stuck in the middle of my thoughts--the present.

Soon, I will be reunited with my OTHER friends and family back home. I know for a fact it will be different, because I've definitely grown up and changed these past four weeks. Well, back to reality, my home, or was Vanderbilt my true reality, my true home? I guess I'll know for sure by tomorrow night. One thing's for certain; I'm definitely applying to Vanderbilt.

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  1. Chris,

    I worry about you. That photo of you with Giha--you look to be WAY too comfortable sitting in his lap. Exactly what happened while in Nashville?