Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Fun-Filled Saturday

Class on Saturdays is always very short. For one thing, we only have it for the morning, and it is much more relaxed than class on the weekdays. Since time was limited, we only finished up our lesson on marijuana. Before, all I knew about this drug was that it was bad, but I never knew why. Today though, I learned many of the negative effects this drug can cause. Although it is not nearly as horrible as Meth or Cocaine, it still has its faults. Like alcohol, it can impact your ability to function normally which makes it difficult for people to drive. Also, it can lead to permanent memory loss to anyone who uses marijuana before they finish puberty, which can be around the age of 16. One extraordinary thing I found out was that marijuana actually perfectly fits into our receptors in our brains perfectly. The details are a little sketchy since there hasn’t been enough research on it but its mind blowing how a natural plant product is essentially made for the receptors in our brains.

Today was also the time for S.O.F.T., one of my activities at VSA. Since we had a boatload of time (about 4 hours) I ultimately decided to hang out with a couple of my friends and explore the boundaries of 21st Street. I spent most of that time looking into many of the cute, small shops around. In all honesty, I wanted to buy at least one thing in every store, however everything was just so dang expensive. Seriously, there is no way I am paying for a 70 dollar tank top – no way. Besides, I am saving as much as I can for the mall tomorrow; I really would like to buy another pair of jeans since the only ones I brought over here mysteriously ripped. I never even got to wear them. I am sure I will be able to find nice ones tomorrow though.

Anna gives Batman two thumbs up!
Once S.O.F.T. was over, I started to get ready for the movie outing. Yes, tonight was finally the night we went to go see The Dark Knight Rises. After several cool previews for upcoming movies, (which included a new Superman) my heart raced, excited for the film I have been dying to see for the past couple of weeks. Now, I don’t want to give any spoilers away so let me just say this: It. Was. Incredible. I really get into movies like these so I admit I was one of those people that get really emotional and tear up when one of ‘those’ scenes come up. In the end, I was really satisfied with how my day went today. I really couldn’t have asked for it to go any better.
Now that I think about, I can’t believe VSA is almost over. It saddens me to think about leaving my new friends, but there is still one week left, and I know it will be the best of them all.

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