Saturday, July 21, 2012

Expect The Unexpected

Today was relaxation Saturday. Sleeping in for an hour feels so good after all the endless weekdays. After a good breakfast I headed to class. We had a short lecture on marijuana, and I learned a lot about the health effects on your body. Marijuana has effects on your appetite, increases your heart rate, and you can suffer memory loss. If you smoke marijuana, it can be detected for the next 10 days due to its fat solubility. One interesting fact I learned was that it may affect fertility in adolescent boys. Additionally, not many die from marijuana, but 2000 people die of caffeine annually in the United States. We didn’t have time for a debate, but I’m glad that I learned more about this drug. We have finished two thirds of our Pharmacology class, and boy has my mind grown to new understandings. I used to know a tad about marijuana, but now I am fully aware of the controversy going on with it. Just being around many brilliant young people, it’s an amazing experience to share our thoughts with each other and it's great to be able to be exposed to different cultures.

Window shopping!

Rockin' those sunglasses!

The rest of this day was very laid-back. We had a SOFT afternoon; so some of my friends and I decided to check out the little shops near Vanderbilt. I enjoyed looking through all these antique shops and highly expensive, but cute clothing stores. Shopping is very tempting, especially if I see really pretty clothes. But, I need to save some money, because we’re going to the mall tomorrow!

After a quick dinner, we all rushed to the buses to get to the movie theaters on time. A couple of miles down the road we hit the theaters to watch The Dark Knight Rises. To be honest, I didn't know the story line or anything, and I have forgotten what happened in the previous movies. I'm really not good with movies however, I still won't give out any spoilers, but I must say it was a really good movie! Expect the unexpected! 
At the movies!
Throughout my stay here at VSA, I have learned to become more independent. Just with the responsibility of getting to class on time, doing my laundry, being prompt to activities, and exploring Nashville with just my friends, I realized that being on your own isn't too bad at all. Although I am getting a little homesick, I am beginning to overcome it, and our packed schedule is keeping my mind off of it. Last week of VSA, here I come!

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