Saturday, July 7, 2012

No More Touring; Vanderbilt Here I Come!

Red Robin Restaurant!
I'm finally in Nashville, Tennessee! Many things surprised me about this place that I didn't think were going to happen. One, it's green, but not as green as I thought it would be--like Raleigh, North Carolina. There is dry-looking grass here but definitely still a lot of trees, which seems like the norm in the East Coast--and I guess in Nashville. Two, there is traffic here! We probably came on the busiest commute time though but still. And three, the "Southern Hospitality" is definitely present. Yes, I heard from the Vandy alumni and others that Nashville is a very friendly place, but I didn't expect practically every single person we would encounter to have friendly conversations with us. It's very, very nice, and I guess I'll see if this "Southern Hospitality" is as present as I think it is here. If it is, I can definitely see myself staying here for four years--or more.

I think we're (my cohort and I) getting a lot closer personally as each day passes by. I guess, like Hannah said in one of the other blog posts, that it really is a family trip. We share so many laughs and interesting situations together. We've been talking more and more about our personal lives, and although I know these girls since we're in either Forensics Speech and Debate or Band together, I'm still getting to know them so much more each and every day. We're also getting to know our chaperon, Mr. Mannix.

Our hotel room is extremely nice, and I wish we could stay at this one longer. It's very, very fancy. I, by myself, am on the 10th floor, and there's this "lounge" right across the hall. But that's okay, because for three weeks I'll be staying in a brand-new four year old dorm.
My own hotel room--a little more fancy this time
I'm excited for tomorrow, because I know all the 150 (give or take) high school students at VSA are just as excited, if not more. I can't wait to get all my stuff in the dorm and settle in for three weeks--without packing all my stuff back in within such a short time. Well time to get my social skills turned on and make new friends! I'm sure the administration at VSA have a lot prepared for us, and I'll just have to see what's in store! Time to come in with an open mind ready for some knowledge to intake.

I'll let you know what happens on Moving Day!
Nice view from the 10th floor

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