Saturday, July 7, 2012

We're In Nashville Y'all!

The moment is nearly here; tomorrow, I will finally go to Vanderbilt and study the pharmacology class I have been looking forward to for the past couple of months. After a whole week of going around to different universities, I am totally ready to take on whatever Vanderbilt has to offer.

This morning started like any other; however, we actually got to sleep in! I swear, a couple hours of extra sleep really does wonders for you. Even so, my perky mood turned sluggish when I stepped outside. The heat was overwhelmingly intense, and I can’t believe I didn’t melt on the sidewalk on my way to brunch.
Brunch was delicious however, and when we finished, we head back to the hotel to wait for our shuttle to take us to the airport. Unfortunately, being on an airplane is not my favorite way of transportation, and I was dreading the ride. However, this time was not as bad as all the other times I went on an airplane. I still felt a little queasy, but it was not unbearable and I was able to relax my nerves throughout the hour we were on the airplane.
When we arrived in Nashville, I noticed how beautiful it looked. The city was huge and spread out everywhere which was kind of cool. The hotel we are staying at for the night – Loews Vanderbilt Hotel – is incredibly beautiful. It is so nice, that there was a wedding going on around the lobby. Too bad we are staying here for only one night though; I would have loved to stay in this hotel for just a little longer.
Our slightly messy hotel room
After putting our luggage in our rooms, we all met up in the lobby and went to Target to buy any items that did not fit in our suitcases. Shopping went by real quick so we decided to have dinner at a nearby Red Robin. I love this burger place, but their portions are just so big! I could not even finish my plate of food.
At Red Robin!
Back here at the hotel, I am thinking about this amazing past week and how much it has impacted me. We have visited several universities; ones which I have never heard of until I joined the Ivy League Connection. Without the ILC, I don’t think I would have ever considered going to a university all the way over here, much less in places like North Carolina or Tennessee. This is exactly why this program is here though; so we can learn and therefore teach others about going to universities outside of California, and what it can mean for them. Now that I am here, I know I am ready to absorb everything I am exposed to in my time here. Tomorrow at this time, I will be in my dorm in Vanderbilt experiencing the college life!

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