Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just One More Day

Tomorrow, my cohort and I will move into our dorms at Vanderbilt University. I am slightly nervous, but I am definitely much more excited than anything else. This is the moment I have been waiting for; I will finally get to experience a college lifestyle while still in high school. I am really excited about my mystery writing course because I have always loved mysteries and revered the skill and intelligence of the detectives in them. I have always wanted to write a mystery story, but I lack the skills to do so. Hopefully, by the end of my time here, I will have acquired all the skills to write a thrilling mystery story that rivals this of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

I have really enjoyed my experiences so far as part of the Ivy League Connection. I think the main reason why my travels have been so enjoyable is because I know everyone in my group. The program for Vanderbilt is restricted solely to Pinole Valley High students, so everyone in my group goes to school with me. I never spoke to my cohort much before, but I knew them in some way so we were not that awkward with each other on our first day as a cohort. The four of us have learned so much more about each other and thus we have become very close; so close that we are now comfortable enough with on another to reveal our quirky little characteristics.  

I am also forever indebted to the ILC for exposing me to colleges outside of my home state, California. I would have never been given the chance to attend a campus tour of some of the most prestigious universities in the countries or learned so much about them had I not been a part of this program. I can now confidently list what I am looking for in a college. 

This trip has also allowed me to become a stronger person academically, physically, and personally. After meeting and speaking to students from Duke, UPenn, and Georgetown, I have been inspired to reach their level of success and make something out of myself. I have learned to be more considerate of other people because I have been living with two other girls for the past week.

My writing skills have also improved because of my daily blogging. To me, being a good writer has always been my number one priority because I love to do it. I am starting to learn how to be succinct, yet still get my point across with conviction and skill. 

I have learned so much while I have been on this trip, and I expect to learn much more. I consider myself so much more mature and informed than I was a week ago, I can only imagine what three more weeks here will do to me. I have always feared that I will not be ready for college when the time comes, but now I am starting to feel a little more prepared. 

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