Wednesday, July 25, 2012

VSA Has Talent!

“Don’t pack yet!” This is something my friend Anna has been saying to me while I was packing most of my stuff. Yes, our time here at VSA is coming to a close and it is about time I started packing. Still, every shirt and every shoe I put in my suitcase makes me feel a little sad inside. I really do miss my home and family, but I have become so attached to some people here, I am not sure I can keep a straight face on Friday when we say our final goodbyes. However that is still two days away and I should really be focusing on the big project for tomorrow. Unfortunately, (for some) Dr. Sulikowski was not able to get us graduate students to evaluate us so we will just be presenting our projects to the class – which is fine by me.

Anyway, class today was filled with a whole ton of different topics. There were so many different kinds ranging from, male contraceptives, caffeine, nicotine, and anesthetics. I swear, today was probably the most information-filled lecture yet. Since we talked about so much, it is expected that I learned so much. I learned about a “Male Pill,” said to be the guy’s version of birth control, which is currently in stage 3 of clinical trials. We talked about how this drug would affect the real world once it passes the clinical tests. We talked about gender issues and cultural issues involving this drug, which is pretty interesting.
Besides the lecture time, we also played a pharmacology jeopardy game, involving 3 teams, each with 5 players. Let me tell you, this game was not easy – not even for my classmates. I mean, one team ended up with -800 points by the end of round two. I also feel pretty bad about one round we lost which was pretty much my fault. I am an impulsive person, so I usually think of something real quick, stick with it, and not pay much attention to anything else. This brilliant plan ended costing our team a whole 500 points which could’ve been used to win. Anyway, I think our team did pretty well, considering my blunder.

Later on during the night, we finally had the long-awaited VSA Talent Show. Let me tell you, there were SO many performers tonight; the whole show lasted about three whole hours. Regardless, it was three hours well spent. The show started off with a little surprise by our proctors who decided to reenact Willy Wonka! It was enjoyable to see all our proctors act all silly and sing the funny songs. I thought it was really nice of them to do this for us, and I appreciate the time spent on making this for us.

My lovely proctor! (in the yellow)

When Violet turns into blue...

Literature and Cognitive Theory

The Backstreet Boys!

After the proctors it was time for the class showcase. All the classes did some pretty interesting, witty, and hilarious skits and I had a great time laughing in my seat. Later on, the VSA students came on stage group by group to perform whatever they were going to do for the talent show. This part of the show was absolutely incredible. I have never seen such a talent show in my life – I mean, it had everything, from hula hooping to dancing to singing to juggling; the whole nine yards. At the end of it, I was pretty tired; sitting in my seat for 3 hours is pretty strenuous stuff. In all seriousness, I had such a great time tonight and I hope I will have even more fun at tomorrows’ dance!

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