Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Going Through Changes

We all go through changes and change is constantly occurring in the world around us. As I begin to pack and get ready for our departure here from VSA, I have realized that I personally have gone through changes. I have changed my outlook on East coast schools, I have become a more independent young lady, and I have become more knowledgeable of drugs and its impact on society. I have even changed my mind on what I want to be when I grow up! Not to mention I have changed to a darker shade of brown, I have adjusted to the daily schedule here, and I have changed my eating habits. It’s amazing how these past four weeks can change you even in the smallest ways.

Speaking of changes, there’s a change of plans with our final projects. Unfortunately, our professor couldn’t get any graduate students to listen to our presentation; so our professor and our teacher assistant will be our audience tomorrow. To some, it was a big relief since we each have presented to the class many times already, to others it was like, “Wow, this is not too bad after all.” I am less stressed about our presentation tomorrow and pretty confident with our group. Although our professor notified us that there is a competition on who actually receives grant money for their project, I will just do my best and not expect too much.

One fun part about class today was playing Drug Jeopardy! We were divided into three teams, with one player from each team playing at a time. Honestly, I’m not very good at thinking on the spot quickly; I’m more of the type of person who needs to study before asked a question. It’s especially harder when you absolutely don’t know the answer, and cannot get help from your team members. At other times it’s embarrassing when you think you have the right answer, but it’s actually wrong. Would you rather guess and risk losing points? Or play it safe and just move on to the next question? Many questions were hard, while some were pretty simple. The game got really competitive. You had to be really quick when raising your hand; a split second made all the difference.

We continued our day with lectures on contraceptions, aphrodisiacs, caffeine, NSAIDs(Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), and anesthesia! There was so much information to take in, in just one class session! Some interesting facts I did learn was that just as a female uses a birth control pill, the male "pill" is on the process of being put on the market. In addition, caffeine has the same psychological effect as nicotine.  A lethal dose of caffeine is 10 grams which is equivalent to 100 cups of coffee! You may have never considered it, but you most likely take drugs every day. If you drink coffee or soda, it contains caffeine which does alter your body. It makes you feel good and increases your productivity. Aspirin is a NSAID, under the category of analgesia, which means it blocks pain. Did you know 17,000 people die from the over the counter drug, Aspirin in one year? Looking at the big picture, drugs are a huge part of society today. You may have only classified alcohol, marijuana, and other street drugs as drugs, but in reality there is much more to it. 

We all ended our night with an academic and talent showcase. Each class had a short presentation representing what they learned these past three weeks. The Pharmacology class did a little skit on the drug dating game. In the end, the audience chose methamphetamine to date the bachelorette. It was pretty funny, and I’m glad the audience enjoyed it a lot.
My proctor performing in their surprise Willy Wonka Skit!
Janet doing amazing tricks with the hula-hoops!
 My favorite part of the night was watching all the wonderful talents the students have here at VSA. From hula hooping to dancing, I enjoyed each one of them. One of my favorite performances was a boy band, which included Chris. They sang and danced to the famous “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. It was a humorous and enjoyable performance. I think there were many extraordinary acts of the night, which is definitely making VSA memorable. Although our time here at VSA is coming to an end, I’m enjoying every bit of it! Tomorrow is our last full day, and I hope to make the most out of it!
                              The boy band!
Chris reciting his love poem! (Awwww!)

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